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Are You Having Problems With Bulging Containers?

Are You Having Problems With Bulging Containers?

Conventional flexitanks may bulge or damage containers during shipping.


Has your company had issues with flexitanks expanding and causing shipping containers to bulge? Most of the forwarders and shippers in the industry have encountered this problem before.


Conventional flexitanks are designed to preserve the liquid in a giant pillow that acts as a flexible tank. But they only offer a protective layer that preserves the cargo. Because of this, liquid is able to move around. Once the liquid starts moving, it generates hydrodynamic forces that exert pressure on the side walls and bulkhead.


A durable bulkhead may be able to resist the pressure, but this will cause that force to transfer to the side walls, resulting in bulging. This is a major problem for all parties in the shipping process.


Many of these bulges are unrepairable or will reduce the structural integrity and lifespan of shipping containers. Shipping lines often pass these additional expenses on to their customers and end users.

E-Flex – A Safe and Reliable Solution to Bulging Containers


We designed the E-Flex Easy Flexitank to tackle this common issue. Our patented technology uses two small tanks stacked on top of each other instead of relying on one big tank like most conventional flexitanks do.


Unlike conventional flexitanks, the design of the E-Flex minimizes the movement of the liquid inside. This innovative approach reduces the formation of hydrodynamic forces.


E-flex is a self-standing flexitank that’s designed to keep your liquids stable and safe during the shipping process. Its pyramid shape eliminates pressure on the side walls and doors of your shipping containers.


And because your side walls aren’t at risk, there’s no need for bulkheads. E-Flex is the only flexitank in the industry that does not require bulkheads, making life easier for shippers throughout the world.


While there are many restrictions when it comes to conventional flexitanks and shipping containers, E-Flex is compatible with virtually every shipping container on the market.


Are you interested in learning more about E-Flex and how it can save you money on repair costs as well as avoid problematic shipments? Contact the LiquA team today to learn more.

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