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LiquA manufactures flexitanks with the lowest carbon footprint in the industry.

LiquA manufactures flexitanks with the lowest carbon footprint in the industry.

Many companies today are pushing for environmentally friendly initiatives. We encourage business owners to seek out solutions that reduce their carbon footprint.


LiquA uses a network of distributors that reach over 50 countries throughout the world. We have very high standards for our manufacturing process. Our company has the lowest carbon footprint in the industry, and that’s something we’re proud of.


How Do We Accomplish This?

We leverage advanced manufacturing techniques to design and build products that require fewer resources to build.


The E-Flex flexitank utilizes a patented harnessing system instead of rigid bulkheads. That avoids metal bars, wood barriers, and other accessories needed to stop the conventional flexitanks from going out of the containers.


When we ship our empty flexitanks to one of the 50 countries we operate, we send 96 flexitanks instead of 55 flexitanks with bulkheads. So the carbon foot print for positioning our flexitank is 74% less than a conventional flexitank.


Flexitank bulkheads weigh 40kg up to 100kg depending on the design. When E-Flex is used instead of conventional flexitanks, 40 to 100kg of more cargo can be transported by default.


The PE and PP materials of LiquA flexitanks are conveniently recycled in appropriate plants. In the case of conventional flexitanks, they also need to deal with the bulkheads. They usually ship them back to loading locations in containers, which create additional shipments, creating carbon footprint which is non-existent with LiquA flexitanks.


Due to their unique design, LiquA flexitanks are able to load up to 27,000 litres/20’DC. That is 12% more payload than conventional flexitanks. In other words, for example, an olive oil producer can ship 8 containers with LiquA flexitanks for every 9 containers to be shipped with any conventional flexitank.


Our engineers have concluded that due to above considerations, in overall, the carbon footprint of LiquA flexitanks is up to 40% less than any other competitor.


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