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Lower Your Packaging And Operational Costs By Using Liqua Bitumen Bag System

Lower Your Packaging And Operational Costs By Using Liqua Bitumen Bag System

Traditional Bitumen transportation methods come with high costs and long operational times. LiquA has introduced revolutionary innovative products for bitumen packaging. We produce economic, user friendly, safe, easy handling and environmental friendly packaging systems for bitumen packaging. LiquA team aims to change bitumen trade globally. Our cost saving packaging solutions provide easy transportation and storage.

With LiquA’s packaging solutions bitumen can be stored and transported all around the World. Our patented packaging design provides easy discharge and operation.

Technical advantages of our design are;

-          Two high stackable.

-          Stable journey and stacking due to its plastic corner supports. 

-          Self-standing.

-          Utilizes the cubic capacity of the containers or trailers. Maximum load due to its unique design.

-          Sophisticated polyethylene inner liner enhances the performance of the bitumen once it is melted & mixed together.

-          High temperature resistant inner liner for bitumen loadings.

-          Easy recycling.

-          Easy forklift operation due to special crane loops design.

-          Production and storing opportunity during low season and sales in high season.

-          Delivery and transportation opportunity when bitumen is hot.

The features of the variety of our Bitumen Bag Systems can meet different needs of customers & transportation modals all over the World.

Are you looking for a better solution for your bitumen transportation? Our innovative Self-standing Bags can meet your expectation. Contact us today!

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