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Edible oils are extracted from vegetables and certain animal tissues. Our flexitanks are already being used all around the world for these types of shipments. Our cutting edge technology and experience allow us to provide a safer experience for all of your shipments.


The global edible oil market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.57% to attain a market value of USD 120 billion by the end of 2025. The global cooking oil market is driven by the robust demand for organic health-based products, with increased consumption of high-quality edible oils/cooking oils by health-conscious consumers and the growing demand from the various applications, such as confectionery, primarily in the production of candies.


Also, refined olive oil and coconut oil are increasingly being used in various bakery applications, as they are bland in taste, thereby, allowing the food to maintain the original flavour.


Depending on climate and time of year, many types of edible oils require heating for discharge when they reach their destinations. Buyers of edible oils know all too well how difficult it can be to reheat liquids during the discharge process. Our years of research and development solved the heating/discharging problem by lowering the heating duration down from weeks to hours. We have such a solution with a capacity of 27,000lt / 24 ton per 20’container, making our flexitanks the highest capacity and fastest heating in the world.


We can help you ship edible oils, including sunflower, olive, linseed, soybean, canola, cotton, nuts, edible, safflower, coconut, groundnut, peanut, rapeseed, corn, avocado and more.


What are the main features and advantages of E-Flex?

E-Flex is LiquA’s innovative flexitank for edible oils with a unique design and unmatched superior features that adds value to the edible oil industry by delivering a cost and efficiency benefits compared to any other bulk shipment alternative.

Higher capacity: E-Flex can load up to 27,000 litres / 24 tons of edible oils. The higher payload creates a 12.5 % savings on overall freight cost compared to any other flexitank. In other words, you can ship the same amount of edible oils with 8 x 20’ using E-Flex vs 9 x 20’ with conventional flexitanks.

Safety: Thanks to patented Nnautilius Technology E-Flex is a self standing flexitank. It does not exert any pressure to the walls of the container, thus preventing any sidewall bulging or damage to container. Even a freefall of the container will not result in E-Flex damaging a container.

Usage of any available container: The patented Nnautilius Technology does not get its strength from the container. Therefore almost any container can be used for E-Flex shipments. Please contact us for container selection criteria.

What is Nnautilius Technology?

Conventional flexitanks preserve the liquid inside but can not stop its movement. The movement causes the liquid to generate hydrodynamic forces, which puts stress on the container side walls and doors. Nnautilus technology is an innovative approach that’s designed to minimize that movement. Thus, it helps reduce the formation of hydrodynamic forces, keeping the cargo safe and stable during transportation.

What Is a Steam Liner?

The steam liner isolates the flexitank from the floor and side walls of the container. Steam directly transmits heat to the edible oils from all directions, rather than just bottom of the tank like a conventional heating pad.

Once the energy in the steam has been transferred, the steam condenses into normal cold water, which can be easily drained and disposed of.

How Does the Heating Process Work?

Steam at 4 bars of pressure and 130 °C is inserted through the inlet of the steam liner. The hot steam starts from the bottom and then circulates all around, permeating the entire surface of the flexitank. This results in an even distribution of heat, which allows for rapid heat transfer to the edible oils.

Can You Assist Us During the Fitting, Loading, Discharge and Disposal?

Fitting the E-Flex or H-Flex doesn’t require any special equipment. As part of the E-Flex or H-Flex package, we include technical assistance and training services with our specialized team of technicians.

We help you ensure that your fitting is performed properly with our mobile app, which allows us to give your employees feedback and assistance with the fitting procedure.

The design of the both E-Flex and H-Flex Steam Liner makes both loading and discharge of edible oils easy and efficient. We stay available to assist you during the entire process if needed.

Can You Assist Us with Logistics?

LiquA does more than just manufacture the best flexitanks on the market. We can offer shipping and export service out of many countries that export edible oils. We also offer assistance for consignees regarding import and discharge through our partner offices in Europe.

You can visit E-Flex page and / or H-Flex Steam Liner page for further technical information, pictures and videos.


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