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Shipping milk and other dairy products requires a lot of care. The quality of the cargo has to be secured throughout the whole journey. With our years of experience and technological development, we can offer you the most efficient solution for transporting liquids in reefer containers and trucks.

We provide door to door specialized service with our exclusive global partners CMA CGM and Teconja.

We can help you ship dairy products, including milk, light milk, milk fat, milk cream, and more.

What is R-Flex Milk?

R-Flex Milk is LiquA’s innovative flexitank for dairy shipments in 20’ or 40’reefer containers with unique designs and unmatched superior features that add value to the dairy industry by delivering a higher quality dairy product compared to any other bulk shipment alternative.

What are the main features and advantages of R-Flex Milk?

R-Flex Milk has some distinctive features that no other flexitank can offer.

Higher capacity: R-Flex Milk can load up to 22,000 litres in a 20’RF – offering a savings of 37.5% on overall freight cost compared to the other options on the market. R-Flex Milk can also load up to 26,000 litres in a 40’RF providing significant savings by higher payload.

Higher milk quality at destination: By design, R-Flex Milk has positive pressure which allows zero oxygen permeability. Also, the added protection of LiquA’s patented Nnautilius Technology in 20’RF and Ccaterpillar Technology in 40’RF means R-Flex Milk provides an extremely stable journey for your precious commodity. In combination, these technologies deliver your dairy products to their destination in the best condition possible - better than any other flexitank product on the market.

Better Chilling:As per the optimum design of R-Flex Milk for the purpose, chilled air circulates through the entire surface of the flexitank, bottom, top even through the space in the core of the flexitank for better circulation of cold air, supported by positive inner pressure. This results in better chilling of the milk allowing for longer transport times when needed.

Aseptic filling option: Our Aseptic Valves are specifically produced according to the needs of the food and beverage industry. The inclusion of a British Standard Milk valve with integrated steam jets and a stainless steel butterfly means you can now ship products like UHT in bulk to destinations all over the world. For further information regarding our aseptic flexitanks please click here.

Safety: Thanks to patented Nnautilius Technology used in 20’RF shipments and Ccaterpillar Technolgy used in 40’RF shipments, R-Flex Milk is a self-standing flexitank. It does not exert any pressure on the walls of the container, thus preventing any sidewall bulging or damage to container - even in an unlikely freefall event caused by mishandling during intermodal transitioning.

What is Nnautilius Technology?

While conventional flexitanks can hold liquid inside, they do nothing to stop its movement. When free to ‘slosh’ around during transit, the movement of liquid payloads generates high hydrodynamic forces, putting stress on the container side walls and doors. Nnautilus technology is an innovative approach specifically designed to minimize this movement, dramatically reducing the formation of hydrodynamic forces - keeping the cargo safe and stable during transportation. You can find further information about Nnautilius Technology here.

What is Ccaterpillar Technology?

Caterpillar technology uses a long mono block tube/bladder that has several “rings” to shrink down the total circumference at certain areas to compartmentalize the bladder—similar to a caterpillar. Should there be a force toward the back or front like a sudden vehicle break during transit, the design’s rings create bottlenecks that help dissipate any energy created by the liquid moving around. This helps avoid the formation of hydrodynamic forces and keeps your cargo safe. You can find further information about Ccaterpillar Technology here.

What is positive pressure?

Due to its unique patented design, the inner positive pressure of R-Flex Milk is always greater than the pressure on the surface. That ensures that no oxygen can get in.

Is there any scientific explanation regarding the positive pressure of R-Flex Milk?

Yes. It can be explained by Fick’s law of diffusion: “If the pressure of the liquid is greater on one side than the other side of a membrane, liquid will flow from the higher pressure side to the lower pressure side until the pressure of both sides are in equilibrium.” Based on the above principal, due to higher than exterior positive inner pressure from the milk throughout the surface, oxygen molecules on the air CANNOT penetrate through the liquid film and CANNOT cause any bacterial activity on the milk at any point. You can see that illustrated above. This is the case, even if there is no special oxygen barrier such as EVOH or Aluminum.

A simpler example to that would be a balloon filled with water. If a pin hole is opened on the surface of a balloon, water will flow out but air will not be able to get in due to the higher inner pressure.

How come that other flexitanks do not have the same positive pressure?

Conventional flexitanks get their strength from the container; the weight of the milk is mostly on the container. Such flexitanks exert pressure to the container sidewalls, which at times cause bulging. R-Flex Milk, is a self standing flexitank by design. Its patented design ensures that the weight of the milk is on itself rather than the container. Therefore the inner pressure is much higher compared to any other flexitank.


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