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Water is an essential liquid that is required in almost every manufacturing process as well as direct human consumption. We have designed and got certified a flexitank that is capable of transporting your drinking water safely, efficiently and hygienically for affordable packaging. You can start bottling the water direct from our flexitank.


Along with our standard 24,000 litres / 24 tons capacity E-Flex, we have also developed the highest capacity flexitank for the water market. We ship 26,000 litres / 26 tons of water in 20’ containers. This constitutes a high volume especially from high quality water countries such as Iceland, Norway and Denmark. 


We can help you ship your high quality water safely and reach its destination at the level of quality it was shipped from origin.


What is E-Flex Water?

E-Flex Water is LiquA’s innovative water flexitank with a unique design and unmatched superior features that adds value to the water industry by delivering higher quality water compared to any other bulk shipment alternative.

What are the main features and advantages of E-Flex Water?

E-Flex Water has some distinctive features that no other flexitank has.
Higher capacity: E-Flex Water can load up to 26,000 litres. That is an 8.3% savings on overall freight cost compared to any other flexitank.
Higher water quality at destination: E-Flex Water has positive pressure which allows zero oxygen permeability. Also E-Flex Water provides a more stable journey for water with its patented Nnautilius Technology. So a shipment with E-Flex Water reaches destination with better water quality compared to a shipment made with another flexitank.
Safety: Thanks to patented Nnautilius Technology E-Flex Water is a self standing flexitank. It does not exert any pressure to the walls of the container, thus preventing any sidewall bulging or damage to container. Even a freefall of the container will not result in E-Flex Water damaging a container.

What is Nnautilius Technology?

Conventional flexitanks preserve the liquid inside but can not stop its movement. The movement causes the liquid to generate hydrodynamic forces, which puts stress on the container side walls and doors. Nnautilus technology is an innovative approach that’s designed to minimize that movement. Thus it helps reduce the formation of hydrodynamic forces, keeping the cargo safe and stable during transportation.

What is positive pressure?

Due to its unique patented design, the inner positive pressure of E-Flex Water is always greater than the pressure on the surface of E-Flex. That ensures that no oxygen can get in.

Is there any scientific explanation regarding the positive pressure of E-Flex Water?

Yes. It can be explained by Fick’s law of diffusion: “If the pressure of the liquid is greater on one side than the other side of a membrane, liquid will flow from the higher pressure side to the lower pressure side until the pressure of both sides are in equilibrium.” Based on the above principal, due to higher than exterior positive inner pressure from the water throughout the surface, oxygen molecules on the air CANNOT penetrate through the liquid film and CANNOT cause any bacterial activity on the water at any point. You can see that illustrated above.

A simpler example to that would be a balloon filled with water. If a pin hole is opened on the surface of a balloon, water will flow out but air will not be able to get in due to the higher inner pressure.

How come that other flexitanks do not have the same positive pressure?

Conventional flexitanks get their strength from the container; the weight of the water is mostly on the container. Such flexitanks exert pressure to the container sidewalls, which at times cause bulging. E-Flex Water, is a self standing flexitank by design. Its patented design ensures that the weight of the water is on itself rather than the container. Therefore the inner pressure is much higher compared to any other flexitank.


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