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The Mastery of Bulk Wine Transportation:

Safeguarding Quality with LiquA Flexitanks

Wine is a delicate liquid that requires a certain level of care during shipping. LiquA has years of combined experience working with wine producers and shippers. Our flexitanks provide enhanced protection that prevents oxidation and enables stable transportation that will keep your bulk wine stable throughout transit.

We have developed the highest capacity flexitank for the wine market. We are able to ship 26,000 litres / 26 tons of wine in 20’ containers.

This constitutes a high volume especially from Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to Europe. With years of combined experience in collaborating with wine producers and shippers, LiquA understands the unique requirements of bulk wine transportation and offers innovative solutions that ensure the preservation of wine quality throughout transit.

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Wine wine production is a global endeavor, with various countries wine contributing to the rich tapestry of flavors and wine aromas.

Bulk Wine Export and Import Hubs:

Bulk Wine Transportation Challenges and Advantages of LiquA Flexitanks:

Transporting bulk wine requires overcoming several challenges to ensure its quality remains intact. Here's how LiquA flexitanks address these challenges and offer distinct advantages:


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Oxidation Prevention:

Wine is susceptible to oxidation, which can negatively impact its taste and aroma. LiquA flexitanks provide a hermetic seal that minimizes oxygen exposure, preserving the wine's freshness and preventing spoilage.


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By optimizing container space, LiquA flexitanks enable the transportation of larger volumes of wine in a single shipment. E-Flex 26,000 litres is the only flexitank available on the market at this capacity. This efficiency helps reduce transportation costs and improves overall operational effectiveness.


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Temperature Stability

Maintaining a consistent temperature might be important especially for wines. LiquA flexitanks are compatible to be used with insulation material to be installed into the containers. That option offers elevated thermal insulation, protecting your wine from temperature fluctuations during transportation. For clients who require a more sensitive temperature control, LiquA has developed reefer flexitanks for shipments in 20’ and 40’ reefer containers along with its specialized reefer freight service in cooperation with CMA CGM.


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Environmental Considerations

LiquA flexitanks are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional packaging materials or alternative flexitanks. With reduced packaging waste and the ability to recycle flexitanks, our solution aligns with sustainable practices.

Ship All Types of Wine:

At LiquA, we cater to a wide range of wine types, including white wine, red wine, rosé, and more. Our expertise in handling diverse wine varieties ensures that your precious cargo receives the utmost care and attention it deserves.

We are even leading the industry in the high end reefer wine shipment trend with our special design reefer flexitanks.

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When it comes to bulk wine transportation, LiquA's flexitanks provide an exceptional solution to meet your needs.

Our expertise, highest capacity flexitanks, and commitment to quality ensure the safe and stable transport of your wine from various wine-producing countries to global markets. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of seamless bulk wine transportation services for both exporting and importing purposes with our reliable flexitanks.



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