Heat Your Flexitank Shipments 20 times faster with the H-Flex Steam Liner

Heat Your Flexitank Shipments 20 times faster with the H-Flex Steam Liner

The H-Flex Steam Liner has its own integrated heating system for reheating liquids for discharge.


Finding the right flexitank to expedite the discharging process isn’t easy. That’s why we designed the H-Flex Steam Liner.


With the H-Flex Steam Liner, you can quickly warm up your solidified liquids to speed up the discharge process. H-Flex’s state of the art heating system consists of steam liner and steam pipes which heat the flexitank not only from bottom but from all around.


130°C steam at 4 bars is applied through the pipes which in turn circulates all around the container to rapidly heat the cargo thanks to the H-Flex’s high heat transmission rate.


Once the steam in the heating system is used up, it condenses into cold water, allowing for up to 20 times faster disposal compared to other heating systems. This makes a significant difference for consignees who sometimes need to wait up to two weeks for discharge. They can finalize the discharge with H-Flex Steam Liner within the same day.


LiquA has seen great interest for this product from palm oil producers in Malaysia, glycerin and used cooking oil shippers from various parts of the world.


Are you looking for a better solution for shipping cargos that require heating for discharge? Our innovative H-Flex Steam Liner system can help. Contact the LiquA team today to learn more.

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