Ship More with E-Flex 27,000 Litres Capacity Flexitank

Ship More with E-Flex 27,000 Litres Capacity Flexitank

Higher capacities allow for more efficient shipping. E-Flex offers an industry-leading 27,000 liters shipments in 20’ containers.

Being efficient is everything in the shipping industry. The more you can ship for cheaper, the better.


Payload is one area where many companies struggle when it comes to shipping liquids.


The 27,000 litre E-Flex flexitank is the highest capacity flexitank in the industry. It’s designed for products which are lower-density than water.


Many shippers find themselves unable to load up to the weight limit because their product requires too much room.


This isn’t a problem with the E-Flex’s 27,000 litre capacity, which is over 3,000 litres more than the next-highest capacity flexitank on the market. Shippers are able to load up to 27,000 litres and remain within the 24 ton weight restriction that exists in most parts of the world.


This increase in capacity saves over 12% on shipping costs for many products, including edible oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, as well as fatty acids, palm oil, base oil.


Are you interested in cutting your freight costs by over 12%? LiquA can help. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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