Why Your Company Needs a Container-Friendly Flexitank Solution

Why Your Company Needs a Container-Friendly Flexitank Solution

Traditional flexitanks may damage shipping containers. This does not happen with E-Flex.

Damaged shipping containers are an added cost to your business. Traditional flexitanks are flawed and can leave shipping containers damaged.

Are you looking for a container-friendly liquid shipping option? E-Flex may be the right choice for your business.

What Is E-Flex?

E-Flex is one of the best flexitanks for shipping lines because it’s designed to keep your liquids safe and your shipping containers intact.

How does it work?

E-Flex doesn’t exert any pressure on the side walls of the containers. According to the TTCI testing center, the deformation of the side walls after impact is less than 8 mm. In contrast, side walls can deform about 40 mm on average with conventional flexitanks.

TTCI has measured the permanent deformation of the side walls at 0 mm after discharge with E-Flex. This means there is no permanent wear and tear on containers, allowing for a new industry standard in flexitank shipments.

E-Flex relaxes the restrictions on container selection for shippers. Unlike conventional flexitanks, E-Flex tanks are usable with almost any shipping container. This innovative flexitank can improve your margins, reduce the frequency of repairs, avoid container refusals and delays in shipments as well as improve the overall safety of your shipments.

Are you interested in learning more about E-Flex? Contact the LiquA team today to learn more!

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