Would you like to ship 2,000 litres more wine in every container you ship?

Would you like to ship 2,000 litres more wine in every container you ship?

Higher capacities allow for more efficient shipping. E-Flex offers an industry-leading 26,000 liters / 26 tons of wine shipments in 20’ containers.

Being efficient is everything in the wine industry. The more wine you can ship for cheaper, the better.


Payload is one area where many companies struggle when it comes to shipping wine.


The 26,000 litre / 26 mt E-Flex flexitank is the highest capacity flexitank in the industry. It’s designed for shipments of wine in a cost efficient way.


Many shippers find themselves limited with 24,000 litres / 24 mt of wine for shipping in 20’ containers.


This isn’t a problem with the E-Flex’s 26,000 litres capacity, which is 2,000 litres more than the next-highest capacity flexitank on the market. Shippers are able to load up to 26,000 litres or 26 ton weight where the weight limits permit in many parts of the world like South America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


This increase in capacity saves over 8 % on overall freight cost including the freight itself, pre- carriage, port charges at both sides, customs costs, on carriage etc.


Are you interested in loading 2,000 litres more wine in every container? LiquA can help not only with the E-Flex 26,000 litres but also with the freight services. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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