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Aseptic Flexitank

The Aseptic Flexitank provides a sterile environment to transport perishable liquids. It protects the cargo against contamination.

What Is an Aseptic Flexitank?

An aseptic flexitank is a specialized tank designed to transport liquids that are sensitive. With an aseptic flexitank, it’s possible to transport liquids like milk and juices without having to worry about them becoming contaminated.

What Is Gamma Irradiation?

Sterilization with gamma rays is one of the most reliable, effective, and common alternative sterilization methods used today. The irradiation facility makes use of gamma rays released from a Co-60 source to destroy all microorganisms inside of the tank.

How Does Gamma Irradiation Work?

Gamma rays remove electrons from the atoms of substances, which is a process called ionization. Free electrons can detach DNA molecules from living organisms, which is fatal to microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and mold.

How Does Your Flexitank Stay Aseptic During the Filling Procedure?

A flexitank with regular valve will lose its aseptic property if it is not coupled to the filling hose aseptically. At LiquA, we have developed a sophisticated aseptic valve which allows for sterilization when the valve is connected to the extension hose.

Our patented thermoplastic valve uses two-entry steam jets for cleaning. Saturated steam is blown between the flexitank and the valve. During the steam application, steam and condensed water from steam gets drained. A safe filling is initiated after that.

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