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Bitumen Bag

Bitumen is a crucial resource for many manufacturing purposes. Transporting bitumen isn’t easy.

Our specialized bitumen bags are designed to carry bitumen safely and allow for easy loading and easy melting.

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What Capacity Are Your Bags?

We offer two models of bitumen bags: a 1100 LT model and a 1300 LT model. These two bags are sufficient for most transportation purposes, but we do offer custom-sized bags if you provide us with the specifications.

How Can I Fill the Bags?

A bitumen filling station is the only way to fill bitumen bags. The filling station cools the bitumen and allows it to be loaded into the bags.

If you need assistance operating your filling station, we can provide you with full support thanks to our partnership with a filling station provider.

What Are the Benefits of Your Bags?

Our bags are designed to be more durable and stable than our competition. With our bags, it’s possible to load more volume in containers by stacking multiple bags on top of one another.

How Do I Discharge the Bitumen Out of the Bags?

Our bitumen bags are built with an inner liner. The discharge process is simple:

1. Heat up a bitumen boiler and be ready to melt the solid bitumen.
2. Cut out the bottom of the bitumen bag while it is suspended and dump the bitumen into the boiler with liner.
3. The inner liner of the bag will melt into the bitumen, increasing its quality.

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