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The H-Flex Steam Liner is an enhanced version of our E-Flex tank that contains an integrated heating system to allow for fast heating of liquids for discharge. With our state of the art heating system, the loading and unloading processes are sped up 20 times compared to any other flexitank.

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What Are the Main Advantages of H-Flex Steam Liner Over Other Flexitanks With Heating?

H-Flex steam liner is the fastest heating flexitank system on the market. The heating is 20 times faster compared to any other flexitank. Even the hardest cargo types would not take more than a day to melt down with H-Flex Steam Liner.

H-Flex Steam Liner is the highest capacity flexitank on the market. The 27,000 capacity allows for about 12% savings on overall freight costs thanks to the increased payload size. You can load palm oils, stearin, olein, fish oil and used cooking oil, making use of our high capacity flexitank.

A common problem with flexitanks is that they put pressure on the sidewalls of containers, causing bulging. After thousands of H-Flex shipments, there has not been a single recorded case of container bulging having been caused by the H-Flex flexitank. H-Flex supports the entire burden of the cargo by itself, so any container can be used to transport the H-Flex flexitank.

What Is a Steam Liner?

The steam liner isolates the flexitank from the floor and side walls of the container. Steam directly transmits heat to the cargo from all directions, rather than just bottom of the tank like a conventional heating pad.

Once the energy in the steam has been transferred, the steam condenses into normal cold water, which can be easily drained and disposed of.

How Does the Heating Process Work?

Steam at 4 bars of pressure and 130 °C is inserted through the inlet of the steam liner. The hot steam starts from the bottom and then circulates all around, permeating the entire surface of the flexitank. This results in an even distribution of heat, which allows for rapid heat transfer to the cargo.

Which Cargo Can I Transport With H-Flex Steam Liner?

H-Flex is specifically designed to work well with cargos which need to be melted down at the destination for discharge. Products such as palm oil, stearin, olein, fatty acids, fish oil, used cooking oil (UCO), fructose and molasses are perfect for transportation with H-Flex.

Can You Assist Us During the Fitting, Loading, Discharge and Disposal?

Fitting the H-Flex doesn’t require any special equipment. As part of the H-Flex package, we include technical assistance and training services with our specialized team of technicians.

We help you ensure that your fitting is performed properly with our mobile app, which allows us to give your employees feedback and assistance with the fitting procedure.

The design of the H-Flex flexitank makes both loading and discharge of cargo easy and efficient. We stay available to assist you during the entire process if needed.

Where Are the Flexitanks Manufactured?

Our production site is based in Istanbul, Turkey—and our products are produced in clean room that is compliant with current regulations. You are welcome to visit our production site to observe the process.

What Sizes of H-Flex Are Available?

H-Flex Steam Liner comes in 4 different sizes to enable loadings ranging from 12,000 litres/3,170 gallons to 27,000 litres/7,130 gallons. 27,000 litre/7,130 gallon size is the highest capacity on the market and H-Flex is the only flexitank that can load such capacity.

Where Is the Valve Located and What Is the Size?

The design of our flexitanks is more advanced and innovative than the rest of the products in the industry. Our valve is considered as bottom load. However as there are no bulkheads it is not static and goes up during loading. Our standard valve is 3” male camlock. An adaptor to reduce it to 2” is available upon request.


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