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R-FLEX 20ft

Transportation in reefer containers is not a straightforward process. Reefer units tend to be fragile and need to be treated accordingly. The R-Flex is built to accommodate that. It’s designed to provide a safe way to transport liquids such as juices and dairy in reefer containers.

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What is R-Flex 20ft?

R-Flex 20ft is a flexitank designed for transportation of products that require temperature controlled environments such as juices or dairy, in 20ft reefer containers. It is the only successful flexitank for the purpose. It is guaranteed not to bulge the sidewalls or damage the fragile 20ft reefer container.

What Are the Main Advantages of R-Flex 20ft?

The R-Flex allows you to avoid transportation costs associated with high-cost packaging materials such as bins and drums. With the R-Flex, the loading and discharge operations are much faster and require less labor. The R-Flex is also guaranteed not to damage the reefer container or bulge the sidewalls.

Can I Buy R-Flex From LiquA or Its Worldwide Partners?

R-Flex is a service offered by LiquA and its partners (CMA CGM and Teconja), to ensure that the shipment is handled the way it should be. We offer our specialized services anywhere in the world for R-Flex flexitank shipments, and will assist you with every step of the process.

How Can I Get a Quote for a Shipment With R-Flex?

You can contact us directly for a door to door rate. All you need to provide us with to receive your personalized quote is information such as loading location, destination, type of cargo, and quantities.

Which Cargo Can I Transport With R-Flex?

R-Flex is designed to hold products which need to be transported in a temperature controlled environment. The flexitanks are produced with food approved raw material, so they are ideal for food products such as juices, milk and other dairy products.

Does R-Flex Require Bulkheads?

No. We’ve spent years developing a design for a flexitank that does not require any bulkheads. Our design minimizes movement within the flexitank, making it safe to use for transporting in fragile reefer units. The lack of bulkhead makes for quick and efficient filling, discharging, and disposal processes.

Where Are the Flexitanks Manufactured?

Our production site is based in Istanbul, Turkey—and our products are produced in clean room, following current regulations. LiquA’s production facility has the ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 certifications.

You are welcome to visit our production site to observe the process.

Where Is the Valve Located and What Is the Size?

The design of our flexitanks is more advanced and innovative than the rest of the products in the industry. Our valve is considered as bottom load. However as there are no bulkheads it is not static and goes up during loading. Our standard valve is 3” male camlock. An adaptor to reduce it to 2” is available upon request.

How Much Residue Will Be Left in the Flexitank?

The residue left in the flexitank depends on the cargo and how the discharge operation is carried out. In the best case scenario, the residue left over can be as low as 20 litres/5 gallons for certain products such as lemon juice.


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