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Transporting bulk liquids isn’t always an easy task with a limited number of road tankers/ tank trucks on the roads. The T-Flex solves this problem by letting you transport liquids in existing trucks / 53’ dry vans using our innovative bulk liquids transportation technology.

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What is the T-Flex?

T-Flex is a flexitank specifically designed for trucks/dry vans. After years of research, we have managed to provide a safe solution for transporting bulk liquids in trucks and dry vans.

What Are the Advantages of the T-Flex?

You can transport your bulk liquid in a truck / dry van with the T-Flex instead of using road tanker. This allows you to reduce your costs since trucks / dry vans are more readily available.

Is the T-Flex Certified?

T-Flex is certified by Dekra Germany and has passed the impact test of AAR (Association of American Railroads) at Pueblo CO, USA.

What Kind of Cargo Can I Transport With the T-Flex?

T-Flex is applicable for almost all non-hazardous liquids. The flexitanks are produced with food approved raw material and are ideal for cargo, including juices, oil, and other food products and even chemicals. However, we may need to see the MSDS to approve a specific cargo.

How Can I Fit / Install the T-Flex?

We have a network of partners in 50 countries who can provide you with service and training. If you are not in one of those countries, one of our technicians may come and help you with the fitting and train your technical team.

A proper fitting will secure the journey of your cargo in our flexitanks, and we have created a mobile app which enables our technical team to monitor the fittings and provide you with feedback. Discharge assistance and disposal service are also available upon request.

You do not need any special equipment to complete the fitting.

How Much Residue Will Be Left in the T-Flex?

The residue left in the flexitank depends on the cargo and how the discharge operation is carried out. However, leftover discharge can be as little as 20 litres (5 gallons) for products like water.

How Does the T-Flex Restrict the Movement of Liquid?

This is the first and only Monobloc (one piece) flexitank available for trucks and dry vans. We use advanced technology that integrates our patented wave breaking system. Our flexitanks have a unique design, which prevents dangerous movements of the bulk liquid during transit.

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